RIdoWS is an open access journal published by ISTE OpenScience in the Information science collection.


In the era of Big Data, accessing the information has become a major research issue.

The multiplicity of the forms of documents (multimedia, multilingual, structured or not) and the multiplicity of their uses increasingly favor a mixing between different communities in order to analyze the documents in their complexity. RIDoWS is the meeting point of these scientific or industrial communities interested in information retrieval, semantic Web, analysis of documents or multimedia collections (texts, images, sounds, videos ...).

RIDoWS aims at spreading high-quality work in these fields:
- as long papers, presenting a complete work, state-of-the-art, an opinion paper, etc.;
- or as "ultra-short" papers (5p), presenting a tool, a resource or a research project, reading notes, workshop note, etc.;
- in French or English;
- within an open access policy, and quickly published "on the fly".

Best papers will be selected (translated if needed) for international publication (with Wiley or Elsevier as co-publisher).


Main themes

Information retrieval
Managing collection of documents
Semantic Web
Web of data, linked/open data
Analysis of multimodal/multimedia/multilingual documents



indexing, navigation, information access, digitization, document analysis, document mining, text mining, data representation, knowledge representation, information extraction, semantic annotation, semantic indexing, ontologies, multimedia indexing, multimodality, multilinguisme, metadata, linked data, open data, archive management